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Ever wonder why some organizations receive rejection letters and some win a deal. They do not have any simpler technique to write effectively. All it takes is just simply write with a goal and write purposefully. Your letter sells and it comes merely from good writing skills.

As the old cliché says – a pen is mightier than a sword. This piece of wise advice never gets old and here we are to abide to the powerful meaning of these words. We take cautious research to take care of your writing needs and in the quickest way, you will learn how to organize your words and improve the format, language and tone of your letters.

Office Professionals & Executives, or any individuals who want to improve their Business Writing skill

This course helps to develop their writing skills. It also develops their confidence in structuring their Business letter. It increases their awareness of the role of appropriate language, using the Modern Language and the importance of using correct grammar, punctuation and being positive.

1. Format of a Business Letter
2. The 4Cs of Business Writing
3. Accentuate the positive
4. Common weaknesses
5. Grammar rules for letter writing
6. Using the Modern Language

Classroom Training Fee: RM1800 nett per participant (HRDF Claimable, No GST)

Course Duration: 16 Hrs

Online Module Course Fee: RM350 nett per participant
Do you have difficulty getting readers to understand your messages? Do you write wordy sentences? Do you have trouble in expressing your thoughts accurately?

If you do, this workshop is designed for you! In this fun and simple teaching method workshop, you will learn to write emails that can be understood quickly. A way with words will always win you more audience than you thought. Email communication is now part and parcel of an executive’s work. Communication and language used in email writing can make or break a deal. This workshop highlights common mistakes in email writing through hands on activities in email writing and error correction exercises to better understand the function of email writing for different target audiences.

1. Type of Emails
2. Use Smart Subject Line
3. Remember short and simple sentences (KISS)
4. Active and not Passive Voice
5. Use modern Language
6. Avoid redundant phrases
7. 4 I.D.E.A in writing
8. Email Etiquette
9. Be Positive
10. Check your email before hitting the “SEND” button
11. Netiquette – Email Etiquette (Dos & Don’t)

1. Write emails correctly
2. Compose clear, concise written messages (KISS)
3. Express your thoughts accurately and avoid using redundant phrases
4. Identify common mistakes in email writing
5. Develop concise, logically organized paragraphs using 4-point plan.
6. Compose smart subject headings.

Classroom Training Fee: RM 500 nett per participant (HRDF Claimable, No GST)

Course Duration: 8 Hrs

Online Module Course Fee: RM150 nett per participant
• Ice Breaker Activity
• How to Overcome Speech Anxiety
• Understand your audience
• Speech Structure
• How NOT to open a presentation
• 7 Great Ways to open a presentation
• Ways of generating IDEAS for a speech
• Project 1
• Understand the Speech Context
• Project 2
• Define the purpose of your speech
• Speech making process
• Project 3
• Organizing your speech
• 3 WORDS that SELL & INFLUENCE your audience
• Project 4
• Types of Introduction & Conclusion
• Method of Delivery
• Elements of Vocal Delivery
• Elements of Physical & Body Language
• Project 5
• The 5Ps for a complete presentation
• Presentation Secret of Steve Jobs from Apple
• Language & Phrases used in power presentation
• Dealing with difficult questions
• 10 Tips on how to handle Q&A sessions
• Key Phrases in presentation language
• Final Project 6

1. Essence of Business Communication
2. Speak with Confidence during a Business Presentation
3. Writing and organizing your speech
4. Intro, Body and Conclusion of a speech
5. How to craft and deliver power presentation during a business meeting

Classroom Training Fee: RM 1800 nett per participant (HRDF Claimable, No GST)

Course Duration: 16 Hrs
These programmes will help SPM graduates to advance their career and increase their job opportunities in Singapore and Malaysia.
Certificate in Business Administration
• Business Communication and English
• Introduction to Business
• Elements of Marketing
• Elements of Human Resource Management
• Elements of Office Administration
• Computer Application

Certificate in Human Resource Management
• Human Resources Management
• HR Planning
• Developing Employees
• Performance Appraisal
• Organisational Structure
• Managing a Business
• Motivation at work
• Recruitment, Training and Human Resource
• Employee and Employer Associations

Certificate in Customer & Retail Services
• Essence of Customer Service
• What do customers expect?
• Evolution of customer service
• 10 Rules for Great Customer Service
• Types of customers
• Baby Steps in Customer Service
• Excellent Service Through Effective Communication
• Relationship Building
• Identifying Customer needs
• Handling different types of customers

Email info@eflgroup.org for more information on the course fee, duration, mode of learning and advancement path to Diploma level certification.
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